Rainbow Rice for Sensory Play

Hey! How is everyone doing? I hope you’re all staying in and staying safe. We’ve been self isolating for what feels like 3516 days and if you’re anything like me, you’re running out of ideas of things to do with the kids. So I got searching for ideas. I knew I wanted a project that was quick and easy, but educational and fun, so I jumped on that awesome platform that starts with the letter “P”, you know, the one that is abundant with wonderful ideas by brilliant people, and found many tutorials for colorful rice. The only problem is they all used food coloring in their tutorials and I only had red left in my cupboard, and I wasn’t about to run to the store just for food coloring. That’s when it hit me! I could use paint!

Before I go furthur, I just want to say please excuse the pictures, I wasn’t planning to post about this project so the pictures I took were for my memories, but after seeing how much the girls enjoyed playing with the rice I wanted to share, since I’m sure there are other caregivers who are in need of a project to keep the kiddies occupied. Bonus, this project uses things that most people have at home.

You will need…

  • Rice
  • Acrylic paint
  • Sandwhich bags that zip to close

I wanted to the rice to be brightly colored so we used DecoArt Neon Acrylic paints in green, yellow, pink, blue. The orange is Pure Pumpkin (we didn’t have neon orange). Measure one cup of rice and put it in each bag, then add the paint, we used about 2 tablespoons, but you can use more or less depending on how much coverage you want on your rice. Squeeze the air out of the bags and zip them close, then smush the rice around until all of it is covered by paint. The kids had lots of fun doing this part, they were excited to see the rice change color.

Once the rice was covered we spread them out on plates to dry keeping the colors separate. I checked the rice after half an hour and it was dry, but I left it to dry an hour longer just to make sure it was fully dried.

Once dry, I carefully poured the rice into a container, being sure to keep the colors separate, and it was oh so pretty, even the girls loved it. They squealed in delight when they saw and couldn’t wait to start playing with it. Now its a kalidescope of color, but they are having fun, so that’s a win for all.

I hope you have fun with this project and please share photos of how your’s turned out. I’d love to see your creativity. You can find me on Intstagram @nikkifridy Stay safe my friends.

Published by Nikki Fridy

Hi, my name is Nikeisha but my friends call me Nikki. Hey friend! I am originally from Arima , Trinidad, but now live in Toronto with my two beautiful daughters. I've had some significant experiences in my life, some good, some not so much and in the last few years I found crafting to be the best way for me to deal with all the changes in my life. I started this blog as a way to share my thoughts, experiences and projects. I hope in can inspire you in some way. Nice to meet you. Nikki

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