DIY Floor Cloth

I’ve been seeing block print rugs everywhere and really wanted one, but could never find one in the size I needed or pattern that I loved, of course I decided to diy one.

My initial plan was to use a light colored rug, but I have kids and wanted something that I could be cleaned very easily. I had piece drop cloth left over from a previous project, that I knew would be perfect. It was durable and light weight enough that I could just throw it on the machine when it got dirty.

This floor cloth was super easy to make so even if you’re a novice DIYer or don’t DIY at all this is something you can do. It basically requires you to stamp and/or hand paint designs on material. And creative options are abundant. You can make wall hangings, throws, cushion covers, shower curtains whatever you choose. So let’s get designing

What you’ll need…

•Drop cloth
•Acrylic paint
•Textile medium (optional)
•Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Decide what size cloth you want, You can find drop cloths at your local hardware store and Amazon. If you can’t find the size you need then do like I did and cut apiece from a bigger cloth. Once you’ve selected your cloth wash it in hot water with detergent. Washing helps to soften the cloth, plus because its cotton you want to pre-shrink it before painting.

If you were quick enough getting your cloth out of the dryer and there are no wrinkles, lucky you, you’ve just made things easier for yourself, if not you’re going to need to iron out those wrinkles. Setting your iron on the steam setting makes that easier.

If your cloth was cut from a bigger piece you will need to clean up the raw edges, to do so cut all the frayed strings off

Then fold and hot glue the edges to form a seam.

Once your seams are done it’s time for the fun part. Creating your design. You can make your stamps out of anything but whatever you use must be firm. I created stamps out of some foam blocks that my kids have, shh, don’t tell them. I cut my desired shapes into the foam the same way you would create a potato stamp. For the big triangles I used cardboard from a box I had. I have also used round foam paint brushes and wine corks. Options for stamps are literally endless.

If you won’t be washing your cloth you can skip this step. Following the instructions on your bottle, mix your paint with textile medium. I mixed 2 parts textile medium with 1 part paint and poured some of the mixture on a plate for easy dipping.

Dip your stamp into the paint making sure that it does not have too much paint on it, but enough to make a nice stamp. Firmly press your stamp on to the material and lift.

Don’t worry if all the paint is not transferred to the material, it gives it more of a vintage look.

Continue painting and stamping till your material is covered, then let dry completely. Now you’re pretty much done. Flip your cloth over so that the painted side is facing down and give it one last iron to get out any wrinkles that might be in it, and to heat set your design.

That’s it, your floor cloth is done! Put an anti-slip mat under it and enjoy! If you tried this project I’d love to hear about it, you can also leave any questions in the comment section. Happy Crafting!

Published by Nikki Fridy

Hi, my name is Nikeisha but my friends call me Nikki. Hey friend! I am originally from Arima , Trinidad, but now live in Toronto with my two beautiful daughters. I've had some significant experiences in my life, some good, some not so much and in the last few years I found crafting to be the best way for me to deal with all the changes in my life. I started this blog as a way to share my thoughts, experiences and projects. I hope in can inspire you in some way. Nice to meet you. Nikki

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